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A North American Leader in Testing and Design

Western Canada Testing Inc. (WESTEST) is an industrial testing facility that provides vehicle, machine and equipment manufacturers with comprehensive physical testing services complemented by advanced product engineering and development services. WESTEST evaluates and engineers components and whole machines for a range of clients in the agricultural, mining, transportation, construction, emergency vehicle, alternative energy, and mechanical-equipment manufacturing sectors.

WESTEST has established a reputation for excellence in testing, evaluation, design, fabrication, prototyping, standards compliance testing, noise, vibration, safety testing, component and whole-vehicle durability testing.

Solving Problems Through Performance Testing Combined with Engineering Services

Although WESTEST’s name implies testing only, testing’s major purpose and benefit is to help customers identify and solve problems and ultimately deliver direction for solutions. WESTEST’s vast experience with client projects affirms there is no replacement for physical testing to verify performance.

WESTEST’S comprehensive range of engineering services is a value-added capability that allows our staff to go beyond merely conducting tests and collecting and interpreting data. When design or performance problems are identified, WESTEST can efficiently and effectively recommend practical solutions. Our many years of testing experience provides practical knowledge that goes well beyond engineering theory to the core of how machines perform and fail in the real world. This leads to cost-effective durable solutions that save time and money in the process.

Our Professional Engineers and Technologists Excel in:

  • Measurement — load, force, displacement, acceleration, vibration, sound, strain
  • Collecting and recording data
  • Analyzing data and interpreting results
  • Communicating clearly to the customer
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Designing and modifying components for optimum performance
    and durability

WESTEST’s services add value, reliability, and enhance safety of client products and components by conducting tests that simulate field conditions or standardized test procedures in a controlled environment.

Confidentiality Is a Priority
At WESTEST confidentiality and security are assured with strict procedures in place to protect client designs, tests, prototypes and projects.

Call WESTEST to Determine What We Can Do For Your Organization
WESTEST can design a test program that meets your needs. Call us for a no-obligation technical consultation. Or, browse through our service offerings to identify how we might help.

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Manitoba Operations

Toll Free: 1.800.561.8378 (Ext. 224)
Phone: 204.857.4811 (Ext. 224)
Fax: 204.239.7124

P.O. Box 1060, 390 River Road
Portage la Prairie, MB Canada
R1N 3C5

Email: portage@westest.ca

Saskatchewan Operations

Phone: 306-682-2442 (Ext. 225)
Fax: 306-682-5080

Box 1150, 2215 8th Ave.

(Highway 5 West)
Humboldt, SK Canada
S0A 2A0

Email: humboldt@westest.ca

Toll Free: 1.800.561.8378 Phone: 204.857.4811 Fax: 204.239.7124 P.O. Box 1060, 390 River Road Portage la Prairie, MB Canada R1N 3C5